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By Ahmad Muto
On Sunday, September 5, Tega was in high spirits, very unapologetic and visibly proud of everything she did a week to her eviction. Asked about her moments of passion with housemate, Boma, she replied, “That was our little script. Hope you all enjoyed.” That looked like someone ready to face the world, her husband, in-laws and walk with her head high. 
Her husband, Ajeboh Krislawrence who came out after she cheated on him in the house live on television apologised instead and said he was committed to supporting her regardless. He had apparently cheated earlier and Tega threatened to leave.
However, on Tuesday, 7, less than 48 hours after exiting Biggies house, all the high-octane personality, alpha-female attitude and aura of confidence vanished. The world was not receptive of her anymore. She became a cultural taboo and an example of what nobody should aspire to become in her village. 
A video of her weeping, owning up to her actions and asking her fans in Nigeria and beyond to forgive her went viral in different BBNaija fan circles. 
The married mother of one had totally loosened up and gotten so comfortable with Boma that kissing in front the other housemates was as easy as singing Wizkid’s Socco. She conceded that getting evicted made her realise she had gone too far and is now ‘not mentally okay’. That said, Boma has apologised to her family and husband. 

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