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Bebe Cool, Black Skin song theft case headed for court

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By Ranell Dickson Nsereko

While the origins of some songs can be hard to pin down, numerous musicians have been accused of plagiarism by their colleagues or songwriters.  The latest addition to this infamous list is veteran singer Moses Ssali, popularly known by the stage name, Bebe Cool.

Bebe Cool recently released a song titled Gyenvudde, which details his journey in the music industry. Before he could lap in the adulation of the new lyrically-inspiring song, a songwriter called Black Skin has come out to accuse the Gagamel CEO of defrauding him over the said song.

In an interview with The Kampala Sun, Black Skin says he was approached by Bebe Cool’s hairstylist (Ras Mali), who had listened to a demo of the song. He begged the songwriter to sell the song to Bebe Cool as it had all the hallmarks of a hit.  They agreed on sh1m, which took forever to be delivered.

“I do music, but I take time to release the songs.  I was advised to sell the Gyenvudde song to Bebe Cool, who was desperate for a hit,” Black Skin narrated.

He added: “When the demo was shared, we had a verbal agreement. I was not supposed to release the song until the full amount of sh1m was paid.  However, after close to a year of no payment, I was shocked to find that Bebe Cool had already done the artwork ahead of the song release.”

The songwriter narrates that when he writes a song for an artiste, one has to book. They are given a grace period of two months. Once they fail to meet their financial obligation, he shares it with another client.

“When I got wind of Bebe Cool’s move to release the song, I contacted him. He gave me sh500,000 and promised the balance before he released the song.”

Black Skin claims Bebe Cool only changed a few lines in the whole song and the rest of the lyrics were originally created by him (Black Skin).

“He breached the verbal contract and released the song before clearing me. When I contacted him, he was dismissive. He said it was a simple issue and I should grow up. He said he would pay me when he got the money.”

According to Black Skin, he has written for Bebe Cool other songs like Katono, and Up And Whine.

“I now demand for another full payment because he breached the contract and I didn’t transfer any rights of ownership to Bebe Cool. If he can’t pay, he should remove the song from every media platform, radios, televisions and instead promote and play my song that I originally did.”

Black Skin is determined to battle it out in court.

But according to Bebe Cool, his manager reached out to Black Skin through his agent/middle man and they instead said they wanted 10 times the money that was initially agreed.

“They are trying to extort money from me. It is on record and this matter will be handled in court.”

Bebe Cool also says Black Skin went ahead and released the song in his voice without returning his (Bebe’s money).

“He wants to obtain money by false pretense and as if that is not bad enough, he has started a smear campaign against me on social media. Both those are criminal issues,” he vowed.



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