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By Ahmad Muto

Singer Bebe Cool has gone against his arch-nemesis, Bobi Wine’s view that artistes gathering around Gen. Salim Saleh is an association of beggars. Via his Twitter, On Friday, July 23, 2021, he noted that the General is helping the creative arts find solutions to their problems.

“I want to thank Gen. Saleh for engaging the artists in this fight to find the solution to the challenges in the creative arts. Time for politicking ended on 14th January. Ugandans need tangible solutions to their day-to-day problems,” he said.

Yesterday, Thursday, July 22, he put out a long post on his Facebook page castigating Bobi over his statement. “I would like to respond to the statement made by Bobi wine today belittling artists for having gone to meet General Saleh in Gulu. First and foremost, every artist who went to Gulu did not meet Gen. Salim Saleh but rather the chief coordinator operation wealth creation which has it’s main mandate to include all Ugandans into the money economy,’ it read in part.

He added that Bobi Wine’s statement wasn’t aimed at all artistes but particularly Jose Chameleone who was his longtime competitor, though nobody questions is begging errands abroad. “Anyway, I know you have always seen artists meet general Saleh but you chose to post negatively this time because it was not just artists meeting general Saleh but rather Dr Jose Chameleone who is your direct lifetime music competitor. Today you travelled to solicit for funds from foreign funders for your personal benefit yet you know they have to get paid back at the cost of Uganda’s peace,” he said.

Bebe Cool and Bobi haven’t seen eye to eye for over a decade, however, it is important to note that the pair started Firebase together and worked together on a song titled ‘Funtula’ close to two decades ago.

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