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By Hussein Kiganda
Veteran singer Moses Ssali also known as Bebe Cool and his son Allan Hendricks also known as Paper Daddy premiered their songs. Bebe Cool appeared on NTV’s Mix Show, premiering his recent release dubbed “Gyenvudde” and Allan Hendricks too outed his collabo with Crysto Panda dubbed “tongamba” the same day.
Talking about this, Bebe Cool revealed that he didn’t know that his son was also outing his song on the same day. The “gyenvudde” singer referred his son’s move to a challenge.
“I didn’t know that my son was also releasing his collabo with Crysto Panda…it is like a challenge to me. It’s like a race, he is telling me to run with him. If he wins me, I will have to myself…,”he said.  Bebe Cool had not appeared on any night show since the Lockdown. This was the first one since the pandemic set in.

Bebe has had criticism from naysayers, saying that instead of promoting his son, he is busy promoting himself yet is tenure seems to be gone.

According to Bebe Cool, Gyenvudde is an inspirational mega jam in which he reminds haters and critics who work tirelessly to bring him down that he is a true champion. He goes on to say that when he looks back at his life journey, it gives him a self drive and resilience to keep knocking down the barriers in his way!
In his lyrics, he narrates about how he washed fellow students’ clothes for survival and how he often trekked from Kanyanya slums to Kalerwe as he hustled to forge a future.
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