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By Ahmad Muto
Singer Bebe Cool’s singing son, Allan Hendrick Ssali has disagreed with his father in regards to his defence of Jose Chameleone from Bobi Wine’s criticism. This was after the latter accused the former of turning into a beggar.
According to Hendrick, it is the system that should be blamed those reacting to it and therefore going to Gulu was unnecessary if they had only considered using artistes’ bank accounts so not just a particular group is catered for.
He went against his father’s argument that Chameleone turning up in Gulu to meet Gen. Salim Saleh of Operation Wealth Creation was justified, arguing that Bobi decided to troll him because of competition and his status as an equal in music.
“I think the whole system is wrong. If government is supposed to give artistes money, they don’t have to travel to Gulu. Each musician should have a bank account. So, I think they need to put up systems. I assume it is only artistes from Kampala that went to Gulu, there are musicians in Mbarara, Mbale so I don’t think the system is right,” he explained. 
To support his argument, he added that the number of musicians in Uganda should be established and it should be easy because they can share links to their craft from where they can establish how much of their content is consumed. He also said artistes that last made music in the 90s shouldn’t be considered when helping those of this generation.

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