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By Ahmad Muto

Singer Bebe Cool’s over-billed Make a wish music video lost its sensations like the fizzle coming off a freshly opened bottle of soda. Released two months ago, Zuena as a vixen turned out to be a major highlight, giving it the kind of hype synonymous with songs that hit a million views in weeks. 
Shot in the wilderness, seeing Zuena fetch water using a pot, to give it an ancient and traditional aura fell off people’s ‘to view’ lists shortly after a few media rotations. 
As you read this, it is two months old and yet to hit 400K views on video streaming platform, YouTube – currently at 380K.  However, since it was released, several Ugandan artistes have released music videos with less hype, but have earned much more eyeballs. Some as new as three weeks old have surpassed in. 
Singer Eddy Kenzo’s Wekeendi music video released a month ago has so far notched 1.5 million views having made a million two weeks ago.
Singers Ykee Benda and Lydia Jazmine released Banange three weeks ago, but has so far earned over 450K views. Topped YouTube Music’s 100 Most Popular songs in Uganda days after its release. 
Spice Diana and Nince Henry released Body a month ago and it has so far earned 885K views. Peaked at number two on YouTube Music’s 100 Most popular songs in Uganda. 
It is important to note that Bebe Cool’s Make a wish is not a low budget music video by any standard, well directed, two public figures, each with a huge following – him with his wife Zuena and an exceptional reception upon its release. 

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