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By Ahmad Muto
Singer and former presidential aspirant Bobi Wine has wished one of his social media foot soldiers Patrick Kanyomozi a happy birthday through a video he shared on social media.
In the video, he sings ‘happy birthday’ to Kanyomozi and thanks him for always rooting for his camp. But most importantly, he wishes that they get to have twins.
Lucky Mbabazi, Kanyomozi’s wife shared the news thanking Bobi and his wife Barbie for the surprise. “With this birthday surprise, am very sure @PatriqKanyomozi will give my parents more cows. Happy birthday love. You are truly loved and may Allah grant you a long healthy life. Thank you @BarbieItungoK and @HEBobiwine for making this happen. We appreciate you,” she wrote.
Kanyomozi quoted the tweet. On top of Bobi and Barbie, he also thanked Nubian Li. “Thank u love for this. Thank u so much Mr President @HEBobiwine for the wishes, thank u too First Lady @BarbieItungoK, am so grateful. Ssebo @NubianBukenAli nawe message njifunye naye eyiyo biwanvu but thank u bro, I appreciate. Kati nyabo @LuckyMbabazi President atusabidde abalongo.”
The friendship between the Bobis and Kanyomozis blossomed after the former joined politics. The last three years have seen Kanyomozi become his unofficial spokesman on Twitter, sharing opinion and banter on anything affecting Bobi and his camp. His last birthday was also celebrated by the Bobis.

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