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By Ahmad Muto

It is now a public secret that singers Angella Katatumba and Bruno K are not the best of friends after the latter with a lot of fury stormed the former’s media interview to shut her down, accusing her of being an agent of his tormentors. Two weeks ago, Katatumba accused Bruno K of rushing to sign a contract he did not understand with Black Market Records only to go to the media when it failed to meet his expectations. 
On Saturday, August 28, 2021 while appearing on UBC TV, she repeated the argument accusing Bruno K of signing a five-year exclusive contract with BMR then acting surprised after one year. 
“Bruno K needs to cool down and go back to the Cedric Singleton (BMR CEO) and negotiate. They are legit. My brand Katatumba has always been associated with people of integrity. He signed for five years in an exclusive deal. He has four more years. He should go back and negotiate his contract.”
Shortly after, a furious Bruno K called in to the studio and responded to Katatumba live. He challenged her to produce a copy of his contract if indeed what she is alleging is the truth or stay far away from the issue. 
“You know that a contract is between an artiste, manager and people signing. Angella is not a witness to my contract. So, she cannot talk like that. She does not have a copy of my contract. I sat with Cedric and my manager Ivan Kasozi plus my lawyers for hours, studying every clause. BMR edited my contract and changed the terms. We agreed if there was a breach, we terminate it. It was one year. So, I do not know what you are talking about,” Bruno K ranted.

All this started after the BMR CEO Singleton reported Bruno K’s music video, Nipe Love to YouTube that took it down. He argued that the singer had no rights to it because it is legally a product of BMR given they funded it. Bruno K argued that he recorded the song way before joining the record label.

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