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Buka Chimney begs Crysto Panda not to sing ‘Pulosesi by pulosesi’

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By Ahmad Muto

Singer Buka Chimey has appealed to fellow singer Crysto Panda not to consider singing about the new popular social media and street phrase ‘pulosesi by pulosesi’ because he hit the studio booth a long time ago.

He tweeted: “Bambi @CrystoPanda please don’t sing about Pulosesi by pulosesi because naluyimbye dda.”
It should be noted that the two did songs about the popular phrase ‘ebiluma abayaye’ both released around the same time last year.

They managed to successfully confuse fans and also, the songs had a very brief shelf life that got outlived by the phrase itself. The two artistes have built their careers off popular statements and words picked most times from speeches by public figures and random hilarious newsmakers.
‘Pulosesi by pulosesi’ was said by Hon. Peter Ssematimba’s former house girl and baby mama of one, Joan Namatovu while explaining how she got charmed by her former boss process by process to the point of conceiving.
However, recently she said she was surprised and unhappy when she had that the ‘Pulosesi by pulosesi’ had been adopted by the public and was being used widely to add effect to conversations and statements.

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