Here are the top ten celebrities that shook and moved Uganda in 2016

Top Ten Personalities that moved Uganda in 2016 Like a flash, 2016 flew past many African countries. But it was the year Uganda registered gigantic strides in almost every sector. It was, to many people, the proverbial year of change. Dreams that seemed farfetched were achieved. Mile stones the nation had been at the verge of achieving but failed for...

Machine Gun Preacher takes Christmas to refugees

The first thing that strikes you about Sam Childers is his mustache. A walrus-esque thingamajig that crawls about his lips. A part of his face that he should, perhaps let go but won’t because it has become a trademark look for him. Together with a balding head and an American country-singer accent, he cuts the ultimate bad boy look;...

Pictures-The Kind of madness you can only find at Busabala Beach

Self proclaimed ghetto president Bobi Wine hosts his fans to a concert at Busabala Beach every year on boxing day. But the kind of people that attend his concert have one thing in common. They go there to have more than just musical excitement. But to engage in impish feats at the beach. Below are some pictures from yesterday's function. ...

Pictures-Socialite Williams Bugeme makes history at White and Gold party

Up until yesterday, boxing day, color themed parties had lost meaning. But when Socialite Williams Bugeme hosted his fans to Guvnor, to his own version of a color themed party, dubbed White and Gold, all of that has changed. The other ones might as well chose not to show up next year.The show was the epic embodiment of the...

Pictures-Olara Otunnu shares a dance moment with random girl

Geofrey Oryema's performance at the Bayimba Honors didn't leave anyone seated. Every VIP left their seats at danced. Among them was former UPC party president Dr Olara Otunnu. He got lost in a moment that he shared with one of the revelers, a lady who seemed more versed with the Acholi Dance as musical artiste, Geofrey Oryema performed. Here...

Pictures-5 star Madness

Interview-Meet Williams Bugeme, the socialite behind the White and Gold Party

  Williams Bugeme is clad in a well pressed suit when we meet at Café Javas for the interview. He is rocking an expensive timepiece and he knows it. He knows that you don’t encounter 17 carat BigBangs (watches) every day, let alone, in Uganda. So he will find an excuse to look at it just so you can notice...

Video-Women fight for Aganaga’s sensual attention

During tycoon, Shonga's Kasiki and Club Establishment, Khalifa Aganaga was all over the place. His performance suggested he was a starved man. He kept attempting impish feats with all the women in sight during his performances. Or at least, that is what this video and pictures say.

Video-Desire Luzinda’s sexy stage performance

Desire Luzinda's performances bring men closer to the stage. It is exactly what happened during her performance at Sheeba's Nkwatako concert. Here is a video and some pictures from the show.  

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