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By Hussein Kiganda
When the pandemic set in, many artists took a musical break.  In anticipation of the January opening of the entertainment sphere,many who had taken a sabbatical are considering to get back on their musical feet.
The list is endless. Over the years, many Ugandan artists that have gone for musical breaks have found it very difficult to release songs that get them back into the limelight. Artists like Queen Bella, Anita Da Diva, Young Mulo, Captain Dollar, Ceasarous, Casanova, Coco Finger, Diamond Oscar, Eighton Sente, and several others have struggled to find their way back but are still failing.
Some of them managed to come back into the limelight and among these are; Toniks who came back with Sunday, Ziza Bafana with Kingdom and Embuzi, GNL Zamba took his rhymes to do dear hip-hop,  Grace Nakimera took the gospel path and many more.
Omulangira Ssuuna has struggled for a comeback and taunting the media has won him recognition, Pallaso came from the USA and struggled to make it but after the South African brawl, he outed hit songs that have since pushed back.
Several artists talked to The Kampala Sun about how hard or easy it is to come back into the limelight after a break. Singer Da Agent has had musical breaks and came back with Bamungamba. He thinks stiff competition is the major issue.
“There is Stiff competition in the industry creating a scenario whereby If an artist takes a break there is always one eagerly waiting to fill that space make it difficult for the one who left to make a comeback,” Da Agent says.
Alexander Bagonza(A Pass) thinks it’s so easy to make a comeback because he has always managed to make it.
“I think it’s easy. Ask those who have failed to see what they say. For me, I don’t believe in failing,” he said.
Ziza Bafana got several managers and record labels before he recently made it back. He thinks it is pressure and lack of music basics that make one fail to make it again.
“I think it is singing on pressure. Someone comes back and thinks he or she will make it as soon as possible and then pressure hits up. And when you do under pressure, you don’t do good work. Others do music without its basics. Others are not organized. They don’t have marketing basics and didn’t set their standards before they left. You will find an artist who doesn’t know how to write music, can’t play an instrument, and can’t back himself up. When he goes for a break, he even forgets to rehearse and by the time he comes back, he is not as good as he was…,” Bafana says.
Bafana advises that when a person comes back, he or she should find out what’s trending and keep professionalism.
“Some of them come back with their older versions yet the trends have changed. They also keep the unprofessionalism that they had before yet the world changed. Let’s accept that we artists need to go back to school and have music basics, we follow trends and keep professionalism to make it…,” he advises.
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