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By Paul Waiswa

Salvador and Daphine tied the knot a short while ago. However, they are still going strong with no signs of getting tired of each other.

Comedian Salvador Idringi is grinning with happiness, joy, and pride after receiving what he calls a morale-boosting and inspirational message from his wife Daphine Frankstock.

Salvador has now shared a private message sent to his inbox by his wife in which she applauses his hard work to provide for the family and for being a good Husband. Frankstock praises Salvador for doing an extra mile to see to it that his family is well and spends sleepless nights for their sake.

“I am very proud of you. You have overcome so many things that should have taken you down. You could have chosen a darker path, but you did not. ……You go to work every day and bust your ass to provide. I see you silently battle things in your head that no one knows about….” the message partly reads.
Upon receiving the heartwarming message, Salvador rushed to social media to express his gratitude at the message.

“This is supposed to be a private message, but I just want the world to know what pushes me go an extra mile. You have re-energised me this evening and I promise not to let you down,” Salvador wrote on Instagram.

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