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By Ronald Kintu

If former Cricket Cranes player and now the Public Relations Officer of the Uganda Cricket Association Denis Musali was in Tokyo, Japan for the Olympics, Uganda would have a gold medal in the bag already.

The above statement is in line with what unfolded recently at night when he was cornered by a group of Local Defence Unity personnel as he was purchasing roadside chips and chicken necks. 

In order to survive the wrath of the security group that has seen many escape with body injuries while the unfortunate ones have gone on to meet the creator, it was a matter of life and death. 

The down to earth (read height) former wicketkeeper for the national team registered a two-in-one unofficial 100m and 200m sprint world records as the two LDUs who tried to chase him feasted on dust.

“I just passed a fitness test after LDUs chased me.. mbalaze dust! Unfortunately, the chips lady could not run as fast.” 

Musali, who emulated Road Runner the speedy American cartoon character that was hard to catch thanks to a quick start that saw dust raise narrated his narrow escape.

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