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Crysto Panda downplays clash with Abryanz

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By Ahmad Muto
Singer Crysto Panda clashed with city stylist Bryan Ahumuza, alias Abryanz, over the plight of the media personalities – Kayz, Mako and Wako – who were taken to Kitalya Prison after singer OS Suuna sued them. Panda argued that they should have sat on a round table and settled their differences instead of letting it escalate because all humans make mistakes.
Abryanz replied, telling him to stop commenting on things he does not know well. Panda retorted, telling him he has eyes, but missed the point and laced it with a rather unguarded jab: “Maybe you would yearn and click very fast if I posted ‘I am single and searching. If you know, you know.’”
Well, he has now explained that they are great friends and after Abryanz commented on his post, he went to Snapchat and notified him to go check the comment and he did, followed with a reply.
“Abryanz commented and came to my Snapchat before seeing his comment and said he had given me a knock out, so I rushed there and replied. We are friends. He is my stylist from day one. We were just joking,” he said.

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