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By Hussein Kiganda

Rapper Ivan Wabwire has decided to put a hault to the release of music amidst the lock down. He says he is no longer benefiting from his releases since artistes can longer perform to earn from their performances.

In an exclusive interview with The Kampala Sun, he revealed that he has tried assessing how much it is to record, shoot and release music. He realised that though it would earn him fans, he would lose money.

“I have decided to first put a stop to releasing new music because after all I am not benefiting from it. When Covid19 hit the world, we had released some projects and we did not benefit from them. How do you expect me to decide on doing other projects yet I am not getting anything? I am sure that even other artists that are releasing projects are not getting much from them, just doing it for the audience…,” he said.

He however told us that there are special projects that are financed by donors or sponsors and these can be done and released because they are already paid for.

“The only projects that I may do and release are those that are already paid for by sponsors. They are of course there, but not many…,” he said.

Many artists have learnt the importance of selling music online since this brings in money faster and the artist is paid independently without a middle man. Artists like Gabriel K, A Pass and many others already made their own apps which help them get money online. Those that have not embraced this system have not been well. Naira Ali is said to have been robbed of sh500m from online distributors who had promised to gather all her online earnings on her behalf. 

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