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By Ahmad Muto

According to singer and producer Daddy Andre, Bruno K’s issues with Black Market Records and its CEO, Cedric Singleton have been settled. Andre explained that Bruno K never fully understood his contract, but after going to the media lamenting, he later sat down and had it broken down for him in simple terms, only to realise he had set himself up for a legal battle he was going to lose miserably. 
“They have sorted out Bruno K and he is fine now. They managed to explain to him the contract and he understood. He did not know the dynamics involved. He will get back to the media and explain. He finally realised, his complaint was out of ignorance. He did not know how much it had in stock for him,” he explained. 
Andre noted that from his experience working with local artistes, they have high expectations after signing with record labels and so expect everything to be a sprint. 
“What I know about our artistes is they want things to move fast, ignoring luck and God. Everyone who has a song wants it to gain traction and become popular in a matter of days. If it does not work like that, then they assume the label is playing them,” he added. 
Bruno K last week came out on his social media and local media outlets accusing the Black Market Records boss, Cedric Singleton of reporting his song Nipe Love to YouTube that took it down. Singleton argued that he had no right to upload the song because it is contractually a product of the label. Meanwhile, Bruno countered that he recorded the song in 2019 before joining the label in early 2020. He had also lined up 10 lawyers to battle the case, but if what Andre has said is anything to go by, there will be no legal ping-pong. 

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