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Denzel reveals why he is not married

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By Ahmad Muto
Media personality Denzel Mwiyeretsi has disclosed that he is not married because of wedding budgets he has continued to see. According to the XFM presenter, the items on the lists and the prices make him embrace his status even more.
He argued that many people punch above their weight because they want to follow standards set by society putting them up for a life of ‘shame and debt.’ However, he noted that he supports those with the means flaunting it as they wish.
“The more wedding budgets I see, the more I am happier staying single. Case in point; Wedding rings – sh500,000 ($150), Wedding dress – sh5,000,000U ($1500) A once worn wedding dress costs more than a lifelong ring? And they want us to contribute? Love blinds,” he tweeted.
He continued: “I am all for people with big money spending big money. But young kings, if you have to ask your friends to contribute for your bride’s wedding dress… please take a swim in some very cold water and think things through. Do not let society pressure you into shame and debt.”
Denzel stated that he is not contributing to such arrangements reasoning that the lock down taught him there are rainy days to save for, rather than making wedding contributions a luxury he does not subscribe to.

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