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Diamond did not chase my husband – singer’s mother

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By Ahmad Muto
Tanzanian multi award-winning singer, Diamond Platnumz’s mother Sanura Kassim, alias Mama Dangote has denied rumours that her son chased away her young husband, Maisara Shamte. It is alleged that Shamte himself sparked off the rumours by claiming he was bounced from the singer’s birthday party.
It came after reports that the singer no longer wanted Shamte around his mother and had ordered him to pack his bags and exit their lives for good and leave his mother alone. He told the singer’s DJ, Romy Jones, he had been chased away.
However, Mama Dangote has now said Shamte is her lawfully wedded husband and what he told the DJ was a joke and people should not believe everything they see on social media.
Shamte on his part said people love to see them separate, but that they are still together and have no issues. Months ago, Mama Dangote denied claims she bribed Shamte for his love with money. In her defence, she said she is not one of those old rich women that bribe men, but a naïve rural one who loves to be bribed.

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