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Dre Cali composes Canary wedding song

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By Joan Murungi

Television news anchor Canary Mugume and Fiona Nagirinya (Sasha Ferguson) dated for about six years before finally exchanging vows at Miracle Centre Cathedral Rubaga on Saturday.

Over the years, the young lovers stood by each other through thick and thin. Rumours of their breakup were just that – rumours. There was no Canary without Sasha and no Sasha without Canary. For such young people, this  made their love story the talk of town. It, therefore, did not come as a surprise when the lovebirds got hitched. They hosted their guests to a reception at Speke Resort Munyonyo.

Among those that attended the celebration of love was singer Dre Cali alias Andrew Katende.  He was so inspired by the Mugumes’ love story that he composed a song entitled Best Thing, which he sang for the couple at the reception.

For Dre Cali, Canary’s agemate, this  love story gives him hope that one day, he will also wed his lover.

In an interview with The Kampala Sun in April, Dre Cali said he was in a relationship. His lover, however, hates the limelight. Dre Cali is also a father of one. He intends to officially launch Best Thing next month.

“The song was customised for Canary and Sasha. I intend to officially release it next month. It will be a lovers’ song driven by any love story that leads to a wedding,” Dre Cali said.


Sasha Ferguson and Canary Mugume love story

Fiona met Canary when she was working with the now  defunct WBS TV. Canary was working with BUZZ Events company. The two met when he had shown up at her work station to promote the Teens Show. She was 17. They went on several dates and the rest, as they say, is history.

Through the years, the couple has been on the social scene as a celebrity teen couple showing up at glamourous events together.

Sasha later quit TV and went into real estate. She also went into charity and started offering school fees to girls in need.

The couple has had its fair share of relationship woes and social media attacks, but their love always won.

In April, Canary proposed to Sasha. A week later, he visited (kukyala) his longtime lover in a colourful ceremony at her parent’s home. In May, they had their introduction ceremony. Over the weekend, the couple wedded .

More blessings to the Mugumes!


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