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“End Of The Weak” rap battles return

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By Hussein Kiganda

The prestigious annual rap battles dubbed End Of The Weak have returned to Uganda and are scheduled to start in May 2022.

The ambassador of the competition in Uganda, Nelson Nsubuga aka St. Nelly Sade, told The Kampala Sun that the battles are set to kick off in May following a dry spell of three years.

The competition last happened in July 2019 and had been scheduled for July 2020, but was hampered by the COVID-19 pandemic.

St. Nelly Sade is excited that hip hop is going to thrive again.

“The End of the Weak hip hop MC challenge is returning with a new partner, HiPipo. It will be bigger and better,” he said.

The battles are the most popular rap competitions in Uganda. In 2019, the battles took place at Big Kafuunda in Kansanga, a city suburb, where  talented youth competed in freestyle, beat juggling, Acapella verse, and written verse.

Lyrical G, Vics the Luga Phoenix and Hid the 16th were the best performers.

End of the Weak was founded in 2000 as one of the few weekly open mic platforms in New York City, where hip-hop performers showcased talent. It has now grown into an international hip hop competition.

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