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Fabiola claims she has businesses that fund her lifestyle

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By Ahmad Muto
According to temporary media personality, but permanent city socialite, Anita Fabiola, she has personal businesses that are not media related that finance her lifestyle – trips to the Maldives and nights at expensive five star hotels abroad.
She argued that the media is not enough to sustain her kind of lifestyle, especially as someone in entertainment which is expensive in terms of logistics. She added that it is hard to make enough money to survive and also take her brand to the next level.
Fabiola stated that her fiancé Mark Ronald Mubiru gives her support as a partner because he is her man.
In late August, the two got engaged, but questions were raised in regards to her lifestyle, particularly that she is high maintenance and therefore in it for the bills. Media personality, James Onen, alias Fatboy poked holes in one of her posts and asked if she would still love him if he lost all the money. Fabiola took offence and asked why everyone is calling her a gold digger when her fiancé has not complained.

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