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By Ahmad Muto
Singer Spice Diana and Fik Fameica’s Ready music video has surpassed one million views six months after its release. The video came shortly after Fameica’s collaboration with Lydia Jazmine on Binji, a music video that was heavily criticised. It was argued widely that the audio sounded awful, especially on the part of lyrics that gave it the feel of a nursery rhyme. 11 months later, it has only managed 194k views so far. 
With Spice Diana, he released quite the song that received critical acclaim. It is now at 1.2 million views and growing. 
The video looks like a set that was designed by Spice Diana given the amount and kind of colours on the set and the singers’ costumes. The oranges, pinks, greens and yellows form the kind of cocktail of what should come with a warning for those with photosensitive epilepsy. The video opens with a group playing the violin before showing Diana wiggling her waist at a fuel station, dancing with Fameica plus a bunch of dancers. Essentially, the video was a work of colours and dances.  
If this was a race like it was alleged last month the two artistes are not seeing eye to eye, partly because Jazmine snatched Spice’s best friend and handbag holder, Spice beat her on this one hands down.

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