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Caroline Mirembe alias Caroline Marcah is a TV presenter famously known for her previous gossip show on a local TV station. She was also a video vixen in Bobi Wine’s Aidah song. Marcah currently works with Vision group’s Bukedde TV I on the Oluyimba Lwo daily show. She has lately been in the news for her relationship with MC Kats. She spoke to Joan Murungi about this and more


You are a Big Brother Naija fan. If the opportunity presented itself, would you take part in the reality show?

Yes, I think I would. It’s fun.

Big Brother Naija ended recently. What kept you glued to it on a daily?

It was the personalities. I love studying and seeing new personalities. Big Brother is literally about that. For most people, their character is influenced by social media trends. However, Big Brother contestants are cut off from the rest of the world and they really don’t have a lot of information about what is happening outside. There are a number of characters that I liked in the just-ended Big Brother Naija. The likes of Whitemoney, Jackie B, Peace and Angel.

Imagine you were one of the contestants, what would you do to avoid eviction?

Every Big Brother is different and comes with challenges plus luck. All these work together.

Do you still talk to Barbie Kyagulanyi? The last we heard is that you feared to talk to her because you were close to her man.

There is a big difference between respect and fear.  I didn’t fear anything. By the time I featured as a vixen in Bobi’s Aidah song, Barbie was my friend. Barbie had no problem with that. We have met a couple of times.

What is it that made you like being a video vixen? Many girls have complained of sexual harassment by the musicians they work for.

Such challenges are there. I know some girls who have been sexually abused, but for me, it was a different story. I was already an actress. The video director for the Aidah song wanted a character who was not skinny. They wanted to do something  African and they had me in mind. Bobi Wine’s team was professional. I have also worked with Tuff B. His was also professional.

How much were you paid. It’s said that video vixens are paid between 100k and 150k?

Hahaha… no way. 100K? Are you serious? That is too little.  I can’t disclose the exact amount I was paid, but it was more than 700k.

If you were paid that much, why didn’t you continue to be a video vixen?

I left because that is not my profession. There are things we do in life not because that is what we want to become or do full time. I wanted to explore other career options.

Why did you drop your PR job for TV? Money?

I have done public relations and I still do it for different platforms. I do artiste management for Bantu Production Holdings Limited. The difference is that I only changed the office. Before, I did marketing and public relations for Club Ambience, Cayenne, and Fame Lounge.

Mbu the reason you left Cayenne is because you always had hangers on whenever you showed up. 

Interesting… I didn’t know about that. I had an office at Cayenne. How do you come to your office to work and then show up with hangers on? I used to be in office by 9:00am, before proceeding to my TV jobs. Of course, when you are doing PR for a place, you need to pull crowds. So, if I had crowds, they were coming to the place to spend.

Rumour has it that the reason you were sent away from acting (The Honorables) is because you failed to perfect the acting role.

Hahahaha… who decided? Is it The Honorables that took me to TV? They have no right to decide for me. By the time I went there, I was already on TV. I left The Honorables around the same time I was supposed to go for my maternity leave. I was pregnant in my second year of working with The Honorables and I couldn’t work in a bar while pregnant. We have other projects we are working on. If someone has a problem with my acting, then that is their problem because I am still acting.

Who is the lucky baby daddy?

Everybody knows that I have a son. The father is a normal human being from the male species. He is living his life.

So, you aren’t proud of him?

I have a private life. I prefer to keep my private life private. When I go back home, I am a mother and when I am on TV, I am a different person. I am currently dating someone, but it’s not official because you, people, have not seen me with a ring. Just know that the day I get a ring on my finger, I will  expose that human being.

Mbu the Vitz you’re driving was a thank you gift he gave you for giving him a son?

He gave me a car? He paid for it? Really? I have driven a Mercedes-Benz before, then a Mark X. I sold it and bought a Vitz because that is what I want. Whoever knows my car number plate can search and find out in whose name the car is.

What kind of relationship do you have with Emma White?

I met Emma White when he was managing Fille. That is how he became my friend. However, I am not close to him. We rarely talk. The time I mostly talked to him was when I used to emcee for Buzz Events and Kadanke. He is one of the people that spearheaded the event.

You are too close.

For some people, we are too close. People used to say that. I was close to him around that time. If I am working with someone, I try as much as possible to create a  vibe with them. If Joan was my producer, I would try  to vibe with her even when we are off the show. That is one of the easiest ways you can be creative and innovative. If you vibe and get to know your character as people, you will come to work while not okay and Kimra will know what to tell you for you to get fine. The next thing you will hear Carol and her producer are bla bla bla… Even on normal days after our show, we vibe. You will find me either at this home and you will say he took me on a date. People say that because they don’t know the person I am dating.

Don’t you fear visiting male friends at their homes? Some of them have it that once you visit them, you have to offer them sex.

All I can say is that I grew up in a family where I was surrounded by  boys. I was a tomboy until three years ago. I would go and watch  rugby and basketball games. I feel more comfortable with boys. There is less drama and less lugambo.

When people alleged that you were dating MC Kats, you came out and showed us your HIV results. What were you trying to prove? Did you want to prove that you didn’t sleep together?

Everyone has a different way they interpret things. Their opinions don’t make me. Many people  came to my inbox and they were like, “I found out that my maid has HIV. Are my kids safe?” The main reason why I made my test results public was because I was trying to educate people. Living with people who have HIV, eating with them and walking with them doesn’t mean you’re going to get HIV. I have very many friends that have HIV. Some are even celebrities.

MC Kats after proposing to Fille at the Buzz Teeniez Awards 2015 at Kati Kati Restaurant, Kampala on April 3, 2015

Are you friends with Fille? Social media in-laws make it look like you two are not friends at all.

Fille and I are not close, but I know her and she knows me. When we meet, I say hello, she says hello. Fille is now working with Babarita and Babarita is a friend of mine. I hang out with them a lot. We are not enemies. There is no way I am involved in Fille’s relationship with Kats because Kats is my bestie.

What went wrong between you and Annatalia Oze? Your social media fans (camps) keep attacking each other on social media?

I think we have a new disease in town.  Let’s say Chameleone’s camp is fighting with Bobi’s camp. Tomorrow, you will see Chameleone seated with Bobi taking a cup of tea. I don’t really involve myself in such fights. I talk to Annatalia. We don’t have a problem.

Does she know that your camps fight each other?

I don’t need to inform her. I have my camp and she has hers as well. I call them family.  I don’t get affected by people who attack me on social media. If I was, I wouldn’t even be in this business. I have a fans’ group, but whenever something like that happens, I have a disciplinary person that talks to them. Some create fake accounts to do all that because they don’t like me.




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