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First Kadodi festival to showcase Gishu culture

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By Simon Peter Tumwine

The Bagishu people are known to be fearless when it comes to imbalu (circumcision) ceremonies that are held in August and December every two years.

What some may not know is how they get sensual during the Kadodi dance.

During a press conference held at the Vision Group head offices in Kampala on April 26, Maggie Kisaale from Kimaru Foundation, the organisers of the Kadodi Karnival, said it’s going to be one of a kind.

Kadodi Karnival is going to be the first Gishu cultural festival in Kampala.

According to Kisaale, they will exhibit Gishu traditional practices, including their cuisine, drinks, folk songs and other traditional dances.

She noted that the event would be held at the Uganda Museum on May 8.

“Only children that are below the age of five years will be allowed to enter for free. The rest of the people will have to pay sh10,000,” Kisaale said.

She appealed to those who plan to attend the event to follow the standard operating procedures on the prevention of COVID-19.

Kisaale added that everyone is free to come dressed in their traditional attire.

Agnes Acheti, the manager of TV East, which is under Vision Group, explained why they chose to partner with Kimaru Foundation in the Kadodi Karnival.

Acheti and other guests at the Vision Group offices in Kampala during the launch of the Kadodi Karnival. (All photos by Simon Peter Tumwine)

Vision Group CEO Don Wanyama (left)

“Vision Group is big on culture and other issues that advance the society. This is the major reason why we have come on board for this event,” she said.

Acheti noted they would broadcast the event starting at 10:00am till late.

She said TV East is relatively new and they are targeting viewers mostly from the eastern part of Uganda, including the Bagishu and Ateso.

“To the Bugishu community, this is the opportunity to let you know that we have the Lumasaba bulletin dubbed Kesha Lero that is aired every 8:00pm, Ateso bulletin, soaps that are translated in the Lumasaba and Ateso and much more entertainment,” Acheti added.




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