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By Ahmad Muto 
The Federation of Uganda Basketball Association’s (FUBA) woes are far from over, even after receiving sh340m from the Government through the National Council of Sports (NCS) on Monday, August 16, 2021. It was to enable them travel to Kigali, Rwanda to participate in the continental FIBA Afrobasket. The money was delivered in a sack by the NCS General Secretary, Dr. Bernard Ogwel to the FUBA president Nasser Sserunjogi. 
However, according to a press statement from the office of the FUBA president, on Wednesday, August 18, 2021, they used the funds to clear their arrears from a lender to a tune of $96,000 out of the $100,000 arguing that it was accumulating interest every month. However, the team managed to leave for Rwanda to beat the seven-day quarantine regulation for those travelling from Uganda. How? They got tickets on credit for the entire team.
FUBA at the moment is in need of more sh360m to cater for the expenses in Kigali and also pay the remaining balance of the borrowed money.
The Uganda Men’s National Basketball Team – The Silverbacks – and other technical officials left on Wednesday, August 18 2021 for Kigali, Rwanda via Nairobi. The championship is set to start on August 24.
FUBA borrowed the money to go play Morocco and Cape Verde on July 8 and 15 respectively after the National Council of Sports informed them there was no money to facilitate their travel to Morocco. They borrowed sensing they had already invested a lot to secure the one win to qualify for Afrobasket. The decision was made by management who informed NCS expecting them to reimburse upon return. Fortunately, they qualified, but NCS did not come through to reimburse the borrowed funds.

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