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Geo Steady, Prima Kardash bury hatchet for kids

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By Alex Balimwikungu

In October 2020, singer Geo Steady and his socialite fiancée, Prima Kardshian Ndagire went their separate ways.

Prima found love with another man (Mr. Henrie) and Geosteady as if on cue, found a secret lover, impregnated her and had a son.

Since then, the couple has been battling for the custody of their two daughters, Soraya and Solange.

At the birthday of one of the couple’s children,  Soraya in February 2022, Prima blocked Geosteady from seeing the kids. She told journalists that Geosteady will never see his children again

However, if reports latest developments are anything to go by, the ex-couple is maintaining a cordial relationship and has put aside their differences for the sake of their two children.

A source reveals, “They are talking. When Geosteady and Primah talk these days, it is just about the kids. Either Geo Steady is ringing one of the phones to speak to them, and Primah picks up, or they talk directly together about any child related issues as and when they arise,”

Over the weekend, Geosteady met up with his daughters at The Pampery salon in Muyenga and it was an emotional reunion.  Their ‘foster dad’ Mr. Henrie was absent.

In a recent interview, Primah claimed that her girls were happy with their new dad, Henry and that Geosteady should stop complaining because he has never played father role in their lives.



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