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By Ahmad Muto

Over the weekend, singer Geosteady took a jab at his baby mama, Prima Kardashi’s boyfriend, Henry Arinaitwe also known as Mr. Henrie claiming he is dependent on Prima because as a poor guy, he has nothing else to give except love. 
Now he has accused Henrie of going behind him to pick up some property he had his eyes on, on the advise of Prima. “I do not have time to talk about ‘Ebitalina makulu’. I am a grown up man who deals in other businesses now. The guy I posted about went behind my back about some property because his sugar mummy advised him like soz bla bla bla,” he tweeted. 
No, he did not stop there, he also unapologetically no longer supports his baby mama’s business of selling cooked food in variety and huge quantities meant for groups that earned her the name ‘mama lusaniya.’ He now supports her rivals and one is aptly named ‘Jose Lusaniya’ as he tweeted about it asking his followers to go and support. He does the exact portions and the exact prices as Prima.
Well, this annoyed a section of them who argued that that is bottom barrel because his baby mama lives with their two daughters. Two weeks ago, she accused Geosteady of not sending child support. 
Henrie said over a month ago that he was taking good care of the children and also denied claims levelled against him by Geosteady two months earlier that he does not play his music at the Kansanga based radio station where he is an on-air-presenter. 
Geosteady and Prima separated in late 2020 after an alleged fight over infidelity on Geosteady’s part that left Prima’s household properties destroyed.

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