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Geosteady determined to frustrate Prima’s business

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By Ahmad Muto
Singer Geosteady has taken to advertising a business with the exact description as his baby mama and ex Prima Kardashi’s, called Lusaniya. The singer via his status shared a video with his team enjoying a Jose Lusaniya asking those interested to patronise the business with the caption: “Jose Lusaniya for you”.
It should be noted that since separating with his baby mama, he has technically been against all her choices, mainly business and relationship.
In August, after Prima justified getting herself a boyfriend – Mr. Henrie – by arguing she needed someone to help her with her businesses, Geosteady came out fuming, claiming he started the businesses – Lusaniya and cosmetics – himself from his hard-earned money while her boyfriend has nothing else to offer apart from sex.
This time, he did not share it on his timeline because of what befell him the last time he did. Two months ago, he was accused of glorifying bottom barrel behaviour when he unapologetically took to Twitter asking people to patronise the business aptly named Jose Lusaniya. The food served in large quantities on platters came in the same prices as Prima’s. They mocked him with taunts to wake-up stating that his baby mama is taking care of his children.

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