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By Ahmad Muto
Dancehall singer Alexander Bagonza has grown extremely fatigued with Twitter trolls and has now accused them of being unemployed, the reason they are always minding his business. This comes days after a fan told him he misses the old A Pass that released a number of club bangers because the new one is a motivational speaker. He has vowed to block every single person bothering him.
“I may have stopped, but who told me to start? And I do not know what you want with club bangers when you cannot even go to a club,” replied A Pass.
A separate tweet, he added: “The problems I see on Twitter are based on lack of finance, get a job and see if you will mind people’s business like you are doing at the moment.”
The irony is, A Pass follows no one despite being followed by over 400,000 Twitter accounts. So, his job is as simple as hitting the block button a few times.
Twitter has been baptised the social media platform for the unemployed because of the number of users on it that call themselves ‘influencers’, but either spend the day pushing a hashtag or trolling people for fun.

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