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Give me electricity like you gave Chameleone a car – Clever J

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By Ahmad Muto
Singer Clever J has begged the team that gave his cousin singer Jose Chameleone a Range Rover to also consider taking electricity to his area, in Katuluko village, after Buloba because he cannot make music, as much as his studio is complete. According to him, people in the area have turned asking him for electricity into a hobby after Chameleone received the car gift, particularly those who are not happy about it.
“I am here asking government to give us electricity like they gave Chameleone a car. I am being abused by people that the studio is finished and no music yet. People that are not happy about Chameleone’s car attack me demanding for electricity,” he said while appearing on a local TV station.
That said, however, he noted that Chameleone has a number of cars at his home that at one point he thought of begging him for one, but changed his mind. So, kneeling does not that he is needy, he was just happy like any other person receiving a gift.
Over a year ago, it emerged that the singer had left Kampala for Katuluko village where he got into brick making. The news forced some industry players like Balaam Barugahare to donate equipment to help him set up a studio.

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