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By Ahmad Muto

City socialite Anita Fabiola on Tuesday, August 17, 2021 shared a photo with her boyfriend Mark Ronald on social media telling her followers just how much he has made her adventurous. “He takes me places I have never been, so I will do things I have never done,” she captioned the photo.

However, that was totally ignored by her social media followers who instead had a rather burning concern. No, you guessed wrong, not a wedding. They asked for that the whole of last year and gave up. They now want a baby, the one thing they believe she has never done, to prove they are in love and have plans for the future.

Sherry Mara: “Do the giving birth for him you have never done.”

Gweyihira Denis: “My fab give birth, it is something you have never done.”

Shei Kerr Prim: “Hhaaa what have u never done so far apart from okuzaala. just surprises him with HCG positive results naye yeefukire.”

Last year, Fabiola shared a similar photo with Ronald and her followers commented in numbers that they were done seeing their PDA photos, they wanted photos of them in church saying their vows.

It has also been reported that they got engaged in the Maldives on Tuesday, August 17, 2021. In 2016, it was reported she got engaged to Nigerian music superstar, D’Banj and a wedding was underway. That never came to see the light of day, but well, they were close.

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