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By Jeff Lule

The government in partnership with musicians and other artists,  have launched a four months new campaign to promote the Buy Uganda Build Uganda (BUBU) initiative. BUBU Policy was introduced in 2014 aimed at promoting locally made products and services.

The new BUBU campaign focuses on using arts and entertainment to promote various items locally and internationally.
The State Minister for Trade, Harriet Ntabazi said the campaign is aimed at raising awareness among Ugandans about locally made products and services.

“We have kicked off a new campaign to promote the consumption of our own locally made products. We are going to be using music and other forms of art to effectively reach Ugandans, and also hold several programs through various channels of the media for Ugandans to appreciate their own,” she noted. She said all countries whose economies have grown vastly maximize their local markets. 

Hon. Harriet Ntabazi the Minister of State for Trade greeting Halima Namakula during the launch of the Buy Uganda Build Uganda (BUBU) Fashion and Billboard Awards 2021 at Hotel Africana, Kampala on August 12, 2021. Photo: Christine Kabazira

“Ugandans should start supporting their own right from what they wear. I urge all people at their workplaces to use products made locally. It all starts with us,” she added. Ntabazi said the campaign will be climaxed on December 17, 2021, with the BUBU Fashion and Billboard Awards 2021, which were also launched. She explained that the awards will be held annually and this year’s ceremony will focus on outstanding Ugandans in fashion and design and the entertainment industry.

The awards initiative is organised in partnership with Addressya Uganda, Soko Uganda, and Abercom Uganda Technologies Ltd among others all working towards selling products manufactured/assembled from Uganda.
Ntabazi stressed that many Ugandans do not know that even the same things they buy abroad are also locally made in their own country.

She stressed that the initiative focuses on promoting the local continent both national and internationally. “We think if our products are rebranded and of quality, we can penetrate all markets globally. Production of quality products is very key,” she noted. “Like if you are producing music, can it compete on the international scene? What is its identity? That is why we need to improve the quality of our products,” she added.  

The President of the Uganda Comedy Association, Hannington Bugingo said creativity is a prerequisite in trade.   “Many people put on like Americans because of Holly Wood. Everything we do is driven by other worlds,” he added. He stressed that artists are like flowers, which attract bees.

“That is why when our fans see us putting on something, they run for them. I only ask Ugandans to be positive about their country to attract more tourists and investors,” he noted. The event was attended by several artists, musicians, comedians and designers, and social media influencers. Ends

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