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By Paul Waiswa
Motor mouthed music analyst and blogger Wisdom Kaye has buried his hatched with gospel singer Dennis Lanek. The two were embroiled in a war of words which ended in a fist fight while appearing on a TV show.

It took the intervention of BABA TV’s proprietor Hon. Moses Balyeku for them to bury the hatchet.

The two have ever been great friends that when singer Levixone was promoting ‘turn the reply’ concert in 2018, Lanek gave him the Mercedes Benz convertible. Later, Levixone was forced to return the car saying that Lanek used it as a tool for showbiz.

After the return of the car, Lanek gifted it to Kaye Wisdom. Kaye and Lanek after a while fell out but efforts to take his car back have always failed. The two started bickering and every moment Kaye Kaye would hear anything connected to Lanek would on spot trash and abuse him.
During a live interview on Baba TV recently, the duo got into a heated verbal exchange which lured Kaye to kick Lanek. Police came in to normalize the situation, dragged Kaye to the station but was shortly after released following the intervention of Baba TV CEO, Hon. Moses Balyeku. Balyeku reconciled the two and Kaye apologized to Lanek vowing never to act harshly again.

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