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I am glad I snatched Douglas – Linda Lisa slams naysayers

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By Ahmad Muto
Media personality Douglas Lwanga’s wife Linda Lisa has for once decided to respond to her critics that turned bashing her into their favourite sport. It is important to note that Douglas first got married to Eunice Nuwamanya in December 2010 when he worked with the now defunct Record television. When they separated and Lisa showed face as the replacement, a section of Lwanga’s fans and some critics refused to accept her like they did Nuwamanya and it has been a battle since.
On Sunday, September 2021, Lisa took to her Instagram page after having taken in enough, to serve her critics a piece of her mind.
She particularly mentioned that she has been called an old woman forcing a relationship with a younger man, an albino and one of Kampala’s top consumers of bleaching creams. On the first one, she said Lwanga is actually older than her and there is no way one can force a relationship because men settle for more than just sex. Lisa also noted that when they had just gone public, the same critics said she was way too refined for Lwanga whose sense of style/fashion was still in its infancy. They have two children together.
“Here reading y’all prevacaritors (sic) castigating me with misplaced insults of sijui, “ndi mukadde, namagoye, bleached lolz, which ain’t meant to come this way btw, b’se we both know the truth and the rest is background noise!
She wrote: FYI bambi, he’s older than me if you must know (and y’all can argue with your keyboards). Trust me when I say we both comfortable with and embraced our imperfections. Inceptionally (sic) wen y’all just got to know abt us, y’all were yapping how I was so good for him, and that did not shake us, 10 years later, with two awesome handsome boys (eight and three soon making four respectively) mbu omukazi mukadde, sijui she bleaches lol. If mitima gyakaluba is a person, is me! Nothing u say will break us.
Nio nio omwesibako, who told you u, you can enforce yourself on someone who does not want you?! Men settle wea they find love, respect, care and peace and of course much more than just sex and being a fellow man in a rtnship and this shd be a lesson to many of you. Stop sour graping for us with your social media gangs to put others down and seem like we in wrong.
Like they say, the wrong one will find you in peace and leave you in pieces, but the right one will find you in pieces and lead you in peace. Honestly I am glad I snatched him like you keep yapping. As if he is the only one eyava mu bufumbo!
For d past 10 yrs of togetherness, with two awesome bright boyz. We thank God that none of your insults has shaken us! Now shoot some more and we shall use your insults to strengthen our relationship and continue living peacefully in love and minding our lives and businesses!”
Douglas met his first wife Nuwamanya in 2003, got engaged in 2009 and married in 2010 saying their vows at Entebbe Miracle centre before pastor Fred Kayanja. Singers Bebe Cool, Gift ov Kaddo and Lady Mariam graced the wedding reception at Sports Beach, Entebbe after which the couple went to Zanzibar for their honeymoon.

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