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By Hussein Kiganda

Allan Hendricks Ssali, the son to singer Bebe Cool has responded to critics who insist that he is still an upcoming artiste, six years after he joined the music fray.

The self proclaimed young Marley told a presenter in an interview that he has been in the music industry for years and it is therefore not right to call him upcoming.

“I am not an upcoming. I have been in the industry for quite a good time. I have about 15 songs with videos…,”he said.

About whether he is following in his father’s footsteps because he sings like him, he hinted that he is a born musician  and therefore didn’t join music because of his father.

“I am not following my dad, I was born a musician…,”he clarified.

Last month, the singer released a song called “we’re tired” hitting at the government. Talking about why he hit at the same government that has always fed him and his father, he said that his father didn’t teach him anything about the NRM government and that he sings about what’s truly happening.

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