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He boarded Global coach from Makenke ward, Mbarara to Kampala determined to make it among the elite.  Before that could happen, he quietly vowed to send his idol Douglas Lwanga the NBS after 5 show host into early retirement. 

True to his script, Mosh Mulla (real names Moses Tusubira Owamani) is on a steady path.  He started off where Douglas Lwanga made his name on Record TV. Today, he hosts the 100 degreez, a lifestyle  show in STV.  Hussein Kiganda grilled him.  

Q: Mosh Mulla… What does your name even mean are you an MC Mosh copycat?

A:  Hell No! (Feigns anger at the allusion)  Mosh comes from Moses.  Back in the day I was that young cool kid who loved events, music and a cool lifestyle.  I would mime at shows and fans could shout out my Mosh name.  Mulla means money.  I am a hustler who is after chasing money.  To answer you, I am that cool kid chasing after the money.  My focus is chasing for money all the time.

 (He gets second thoughts)… Heard of the Kenyan rap group Camp Mulla?  They cemented my love for the Name Mulla.

Q:  Mullah means money but you look broke.  No car, just boda bodas?

A: Broke?  Do I look broke to you? That is your opinion.  I use boda bodas to easily weave through traffic.  Besides, a car is not a symbol of status if you are chasing big dreams.  There is no point saving hard to buy a Vitz now when a Chrysler and Cadillac are your dream cars.   I am working overtime so that I have no excuses. . Just like Nipsey Hustle once said, “your purpose in life should be beyond cars” 

Q: Tell us about your journey from Mbarara to Kampala?

I hail from Mbarara but I am a city born.  I first came to Kampala several years ago. I am not a freshman in the city. I used to study in Mbarara but get holidays in Kampala.  I identify more with Kampala city than Mbarara city.  

Q: Is it true you were a failed musician and only came to Kampala because you believed you could be better than Douglas Lwanga?

A: Like I said earlier, I was a big fan of Kenyan rap group Camp Mulla. I tried rapping but realized it couldn’t bring in money the way I had planned.  My potential is in showbiz and emceeing.  If shows like E! Entertainment or Ex on the Beach auditioned for hosts for their shows in Uganda, Mosh Mulla would be that guy!  I’m cool like that

Mosh Mulla says he has respect for Douglas Lwanga but he is not a copy cat (Photo: Instagram)

On Douglas Lwanga……

He swears (insert expletive) … I got mad love and respect for Douglas Lwanga. He is like a brother to me.  It is just a coincidence that I did a show similar to his at Record TV, long after he had left.  He is a genius, no debate.  He however never mentored me.  We totally have different brands and ambitions.  My vibe, style, taste of music and lifestyle are different from his.   I am a different breed.  No offence to Douglas but I look up to people like Chris Tucker and not Lwanga.

Q:  How come you joined Record TV after he left?

A: Joining media for me wasn’t about competition.  It was my calling to preach love and positive vibes.  Questions like these are what stagnate the industry. (He gets angry as he talks). What do I benefit from stalking Douglas Lwanga?   I am a different breed.  I can’t walk in his shoes and neither can he in mine.

Q: There is even talk that you try to dress and talk like him.   Does Douglas Lwanga know that you are his copycat?

A: (visibly irritated and keeps quiet before speaking rhetorically).   How will the industry grow when all you care about is whether A copies B’s dress sense?   (He later emphasizes with indignation) I know Douglas Lwanga is a fashionista but I dress better.

Mosh Mulla says he has always been a Showbiz star and looks up to Douglas Lwanga (Photo: Courtesy)

Q:  Has showbiz TV always been your thing?

A:  Yes, it has been my passion since high school.  I promised myself that I will one day achieve that dream.

Q: Which celeb do you want to be like?

A: I look up to people like Nipsey Hustle (RIP) and   Tyler Perry who is the definition of Black excellence.  Near home, I look up to Mr. Eazi the founder of Empower Africa and Bobi Wine who has risen from the ghetto to scale great heights. 

Q:  Recently you left Record TV for SK Mbuga’s STV. Was it because he pays workers in dollars?

A:  Dollars?   Well, all you should know is that STV pays me well and I am glad to be part of that growing family.

Q: Recently, rumours did rounds that veteran DJ, Bush Baby was supposed to be the PD at SK Mbuga’s station but workers there fought his appointment.  What really happened?

A: I have no idea. You are telling me now. Can you share more?

Q: Of the celebs you have hosted on your show, which one left a lasting impression?

A:  I have utmost respect forNavioHe always keeps time and shares positive vibe on set.  He is cultured.  I have also hosted the Mbuzi Gang, a famous group from Kenya.  They have mad sound.   Jose Chamelone’s knowledge on the industry blew me away.   For my own bragging purposes, I felt super good when I hosted the Nigerian star Skales.   He loved my vibe. 

Q: Who was the most embarrassing guest you hosted on your show?

A:  I cannot think of one at the moment.

Q: Dress code puts a number of TV presenters on pressure. Does it do the same to you?

A: You are very right dressing good for the TV puts all of us on pressure.  You have to look fresh and smell good before you go on set. At the moment I prefer street wear because I am made from the streets.  I feel comfortable with my fashions sense.

Q:  Is it true you have a crush on Sheila Gashumba?

A: (Laughs).   I used to have a very big crush on Sheila Gashumba when she was still on TV.  Not anymore.  When we grow up, tastes change.   I however respect her hustle.

Q: Who is your ideal woman?

A: I am attracted to intelligent women.  I love women who had hold mature conversations that evolve around dreams, ideas and business.  It is a plus if that woman has a great taste in music.

Q: So you are confirming you are into old women?  

A: Stop putting words in my mouth

Q: How many photo editing apps do you have on your phone?

A: I don’t have photo editing apps. I am a black man who is proud of their skin and heritage.    I don’t need apps to look good. God made no mistakes with me.

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