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I am too beautiful to search for a lover, Halima Namakula clarifies

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By Emmanuel Ssejjengo

She was widowed in 1994, and so when singer Halima Namakula recently revealed in an interview that she was searching for a husband, it raised eyebrows.

In a sudden turn of events, Namakula has now exclusively revealed to The Kampala Sun the circumstances under which she made the statement.

“It was said in jest. When I said I would ask my children to search for a husband for me, I thought everyone would take it for a joke,” she now says.

Halima, however, went on to clarify that she has been married for the last 10 years.

“I am secretly married. It is not a full secret because a few people know, but I do not let the public know about my marriage,” she revealed in a phone interview on Tuesday, April 26.

Her husband (she was not willing to reveal his name) lives in the US.

On how she manages the long distance relationship, she says: “He comes to Uganda often. He lives here and there, so I do not miss him for long durations.”

According to her, although the marriage is a decade old, she has known her man for about 20 years. “I am too beautiful to search for a lover,” she asserted.

If you were wondering were all that sexual innuendo in her songs comes from (Sambagala and Ekimbewo), now you know.

Halima is the mother of Rachael K and Hem Dee, both celebrities in their own right.


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