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I don’t like artistes  – Pastor Jjengo

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By Mariam Nakalema 

A year after Pastor Augustine Yiga’s demise, his son, Pastor Andrew Jjengo, has made it clear to the church followers that he will not fill his father’s shoes. He says he will do things differently, and work with a different set of people.

In an exclusive interview at his Revival Church based in Kawaala, Jjengo also revealed that there was no commemoration ceremony to mark his father’s death because “we born-again Christians do not believe in lumbe (funeral rites)”.

“My father will also not have an heir. However, since I am the eldest son, I will take care of the children you will come claiming  were sired by my father,” he said.

Jjengo says his father taught him to be a responsible man, and also take care of his brothers and sisters.

On how he plans to continue with his dad’s pastoral work, he says he will do it different. “I will not follow my father’s footsteps because I may fall. He loved being with artistes and working with them. I don’t like them so I will not work with them,” he said.


Jjengo also made it clear that at the time of his death, his father did not have any personal debts so he does not expect anyone to demand for anything. He, however, says Pastor Yiga’s debts were attached to his companies, but he will “not fight battles that are not mine.”

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