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By Timothy Murungi

The House of Prayer Ministries International Senior Pastor, Aloysius Bugingo, has told his followers that he doesn’t support divorce.

The controversial pastor made the revelation while delivering a Sunday sermon to hundreds of his followers that gathered at Makerere in Kampala.

“You lose whatever you don’t commit time to. If you don’t spend time in your business, you’ll lose it. Love your wives, love your husbands. Do not ever think about divorce. It is like failing at a business even if you liked it because you failed to dedicate time to it,” he said.

“This church will never teach about divorce,” Bugingo, who’s still in a protracted struggle to divorce his wife, Teddy Naluswa, told the congregation. 

Bugingo asked court to dissolve his marriage in 2019.

Aloysius Bugingo

The pastor, who attracted a lot of scrutiny over the court case, sparked further controversy when he was introduced by another woman recently.

Bugingo explained that people break laws because of circumstances. 

“It is said that do not kill, but even today, someone has been sentenced to death,” he said, starting off a cryptic explanation, illustrating his point with ‘parables’.

Bugingo said laws were helpful only in as far as one takes care of his property, something he said, many Ugandans are good at doing.

“Ugandans know how to keep thieves at bay. The law of ‘do not steal’ has been grasped so well that they ensure their property is under lock and key,” he added.

The pastor, however, told the worshippers that the law ‘don’t  steal’ doesn’t work for those who are reckless about their property.

“Insurances exist, but they aren’t for the careless. If your car is stolen when it’s you who left the door open, you will not claim any damages. Insurers first do thorough investigations before they compensate you. You can’t say you insured your life, but drink unsafe water,” he said.

“Steadily, you will gain understanding,” he wrapped up his explanation, asking the congregation to write down the words for whoever will ever want to read their notebook.

However, Bugingo’s remarks come at a time when his wife, Naluswa, on Wednesday last week, filed a case, reference number GEF 84/2021 at Kawempe Police Station in Kampala, accusing him of committing a serious crime of bigamy.

She filed the case in her capacity as the lawful wife of Bugingo. Bugingo was introduced by Suzan Makula Nantaba yet he is still officially married to Naluswa. 

Naluswa wants the Police to investigate the case with the view of prosecuting Bugingo over allegations of conducting unlawful marriage, which is criminal under the law.


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