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By Hussein Kiganda

Upcoming songstress Kyava Erimukama Aroma, also known as Aroma, is working hard, releasing projects such as Butida, Tonenya, Sirina mulala and Mere yo. Her latest collabo with the B2Cs now Kampala Boys, dubbed Yoola is one other love ballad that has since become popular among tiktokers.

Aroma was born in the slums of Kawempe, Nkere Zone opposite the current Riham factory. She gives hail to only her mother, Sylvia Mukisa, whom she credits for having played all the two parental roles. Aroma was a stubborn girl who used to poke fellow infants. Her mother did not want her to get out of the house because she would cause trouble each time she went to play with other children. She laughs at an instance where she saw the private parts of a pregnant woman whom she had escorted for delivery and she reported back to her mother that the woman had the a scar (private part) like hers. She called it nakanyanyi which some people still poke her with.

“I was beaten so much that I at one time felt that school was not for me. I remember one time I was sleeping in class and a teacher came in when the class was shouting. He said it was me who had been making noise and beat me up. I felt so pissed because I had been sleeping, so I was not making any noise, but because teachers were used to me as the most talkative student so he knew that probably it was me. I felt like beating him back, but…,” she recalls.

Aroma loved singing, but she hated school choir sessions because it involved caning. She says, “I did not like the school choir because of the way they used to cane us. I hated being beaten for something that was supposed to be fun.”
Most of Aroma’s friends in school were boys. She was this girl who liked the comfort of being near musculine creatures and she recalls having only one best female friend called Grace. She also liked male teachers so much that she even recalls a one Mr. Luswata, whom she says raised and mentored her. 
Aroma is a single mother’s girl who prides in living in the same house with her. She is currently living with her mother in Kawempe. Her only hustle has been in struggling to penetrate into the music circle. 
She loved music from childhood and it is this love that kept it alive in her mind. She narrates that she tried recording music when she was in senior four. She however recalls that the start was not good because male producers wanted to sexually use her.
“I remember it was in S.4 when I first went to a certain studio in Kawempe to record my song. The producer said I was so good so he would manage me. He added me to his all star list and we recorded a demo. After recording, he told me to hug him, which I did. Then he tried kissing me and I pushed him away. He asked me how he was going to benefit from helping me if I did not want to concur with his demands. I just ran away. When I came back the next day, he had removed me from his all star list and refused to give me my demo. I let it go,” she narrates.
The singer started serious music in June 2018 when she got a serious management and started releasing songs such as Tonenya.
She however says that her greatest challenge in music has been how to promote it. She thinks that the media has not given her attention, but with prayer and hard work, she expects to overcome all her challenges.
“I a few months when I had just released Butida, I heard campaign tracks passing by and they were playing it. I became so happy. It felt so good indeed,” she says.
Aroma says she looks forward to winning not just a BET, but the Grammys. 

For those that plan on taking her out, Aroma does not like going out because she is a complete loner. She loves listening to music and if you thought of buying her a knicker for a gift, she hates knickers with all her blood.
“I do not hang around with friends because I am a complete loner. When I was young, I used to hate wearing knickers so I used not to wear them. Until now, I still hate them and do not put them on…,” she says.
For a surprise guest in case of any birthday gift, try Maurice Kirya for her. She very much crashes on him. She says, “Long ago, I used to think Vampino was that bad boy, now that time come by, I think Maurice Kirya is sweet.”


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