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By Ahmad Muto

Singer Juliana Kanyomozi had a Q&A session on her YouTube account on Tuesday, August 10 responding to the frequently asked questions from her fans. It is important to note that she was silent for a long time until she opened up on Monday, June 26 when she promised her fans she would hold a Q&A session. 
She has revealed that she has been with her baby daddy for seven years, but it was not known because they are both private people. She also noted that people have been obsessing over his identity, but implored them to respect their privacy. 
“I have noticed you guys have been obsessing over who Taj’s father is. That is my private life and I think you should respect it. He is a very private person and does not like being in the limelight. And I respect that. That is why you have not seen or known him even if he has been in my life for seven years. So, I kindly ask that you understand. At some point, you will meet Taj though,” she explained. 
This was while responding to a question about hiding her son, Taj’s face from the public. The Woman singer explained that ‘hiding’ is such a heavy indictment on her because what she is doing is protecting her son’s privacy, adding that hiding is for things people are not proud of.
“Let me say this. To hide means something that is not nice. Or something you are not proud of. Not a word I like, but I have noticed you guys use it a lot on my platforms. What I am doing is… people who have followed me for a long time know I am a very private person. I am very particular when it comes to what I share publicly and for anyone who has known me as a public figure all the way since I joined the music industry, I tend to like to keep certain slices of my life private and that is how I find my peace,” she added. 
Juliana said even her late son, Keron Kabugo who passed on in 2014, started having his photos shared when he was older. 
“When it comes to my baby, children or family; I say children because even for Keron, I rarely brought him out in public, when he grew up, I would take a few pictures, but I still wanted to respect his privacy. It is the same with Taj. Nothing like hiding him for some reason. And that includes his father,” she said.

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