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By Hussein Kiganda

Ray G’s ex-girlfriend, Elizabeth Namara also known as Liz Ankunda, is not ready to take things lying down after she was bashed over comments she made following the death of the western singer’s new-born baby this week. Following the sad  news of the baby’s passing, Namara immediately took to a Facebook account linked to her to post in jubilation.

Well, yesterday, she put up a video post on her TikTok handle, blasting her critics over comments, messages and posts that were directed at her.

“You are sending me all the time, this and that, please leave me alone. I am not your mothers’ child and I am not related to you. I have a right to post anything I want on my social media  handles as long as I have not killed anyone. So for you team nio nio nio, don’t eat… on me. You were not there. You are just seeing that which is happening now. You are pretending to be caring but leave me alone,” Namara warned.

Her comments about the loss of Ray G’s baby have got netizens talking. Law analysts have also stated that she may face a jail sentence of four years over threatening the singer.

Ray G and wife in October


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