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By Hussein Kiganda

Songstress Rebecca Kukiriza also known as Chosen Becky has thrown stones at the father of her baby, asking him to make it official with her. 

Talking about the baby and his father on air, she refused to send greetings to her baby daddy because he has not yet visited her parents to make things official. She lectured the audience about how a man in Buganda cannot be considered as a husband to any lady if the girl’s parents do not know him.

“No! I will not talk about him. He has not yet come home for introduction, for my parents to see him and he takes me officially. In our culture, someone is not referred to as husband if he has not yet gone to the lady’s home to officially meet them and let them know that he is with their child. So, if the lady’s parents do not know you, you may not be worth talking about…,” she said.

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