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On December 11, 2021, The Kampala Sun will celebrate its 10th anniversary. As a warm-up, or rather kasiki, we shall reproduce some of our bestselling articles over time, in no particular order. This article was first published on July 25, 2017, but has been slightly edited


By Kampala Sun Writer

Bebe Cool is a hard chap, if the information reaching our desk is anything to go by. For a celebrity trying to avoid being plastered all over the tabloids, he paid for four nights (Tuesday, July 11 to Friday, July 14) at the $150 (sh540,000) a night deluxe room (Room 709) on Hotel Africana’s seventh floor. What will shock many is that the Katono singer did not use the room during the day, but would return mainly late in the night for just a few hours.

According to our source, Bebe Cool self-booked on Tuesday, July 11, in the mid-afternoon using his passport, but by midnight, he had not checked in. This prompted a dutiful employee on the security and housekeeping team to check. Interestingly, after the brief impasse, it was established that Bebe Cool was already in the hotel’s system and enjoys a discount for being a loyal customer. He reportedly pays $120 (sh432,000) a night for the deluxe room, which has a sumptuous king size platform bed.


Bebe Cool

“Three nights in a row, he checked into Room 709. He often came in past midnight and left by 3:00am.On the first day, he came at 2:00am and disappeared into the seventh floor suite. He left within an hour,” reveals the source.

The source says Bebe Cool does the booking himself and has a preference for higher floors at the hotel. On that particular day, his favourite Room 1107 was not available. This happening at a time when social media is still debating about him buying knickers for Zuena every week makes it more interesting.

Bebe Cool and Zuena reside in Ntinda (have since shifted to Kiwatule), which is a stone’s throw away from Hotel Africana. They make public appearances at the hotel when there are concerts. However, they did not make appearances there late in the night during that time. Only Bebe would show up, get into his room and walk out. The kind of work that would make a man nap for an hour in a hotel room must be very heavy. However, we can reveal that Bebe Cool is not only spending lavishly at home, but also at the hotel. That he reportedly blew up to sh3m in four days will leave some of his fans gaping.

Expensive taste

The hotel staff could have mistaken Bebe Cool for an oafish billionaire who spends like he is an heir to an oil baron. The Kampala Sun has learnt that whereas the hotel encourages its guests to dine from its restaurants, the occupant of Room 709, during that time, insisted on room service. There was no lingering around the restaurant area for prying eyes and cameras. It attracts a surcharge of sh5,000. It is so much so that when a bottle of mineral water was ordered for, which is at sh3,000, the surcharge was applied and Bebe Cool ended up paying sh8,000 for each bottle of mineral water.

We are meant to understand that the occupant acted like a person weaned on chicken. It was always “chicken in a box”, which is sh45,000. To blow that much in a hotel where the resident spends only an hour a night would require one to have three stomachs. And since hotels do not charge for hair and body separately, only a detoother can explain Bebe Cool’s expenditure.

Our sources further reveal that Bebe paid for laundry services. A laundry list from Room 709 shows that one piece of attire was ironed at $3 (sh10,800) at 10:50 pm on July 12, 2017.



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