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By Ahmad Muto
On Wednesday, August 18, 2021 when city socialite, Anita Fabiola made it public through social media that she got engaged to her boyfriend Mark Ronald Mubiru, it left the online community divided, owing to her past lifestyle and history. She captioned a photo of them together: “He takes me places I have never been, so I will do things I have never done.”
Well, media personality James Onen, popularly known as Fatboy who has been branded a misogynist on social media owing to his polarising views on gender, took a subtle dig at Fabiola that was given all sorts of interpretations. He noted that Fabiola avoided all the cliché qualities people say they want in the ideal partners. He wrote: “Notice she did not say he is intelligent, interesting, sensitive or caring. Boy child, are you listening?” 
One particular interpretation stood out; that he was telling men Fabiola is a gold digger and that is a sign, the reason she cared about places and not what kind of person the man is. Remember, Fatboy is 46-years-old, has neither a wife nor a child. He has now defended himself saying Ugandans simply love drama, he did not mean the socialite is a gold digger like it is being said. And as you read this, somebody branded him a ‘soap legend’ and he is busy looking for the meaning. 

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