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By Ahmad Muto
After her successful Independence Day concert in South Sudan over the weekend, singer Lydia Jazmine took to her hotel room where she posed with her gate collections spread on the bed.

She captioned it: “And Ovcos (sic) I have to do the challenge as usual lol. This is the meaning of fan love. Massive show last night outside Juba town (Gumba), I can only imagine how tonight’s show in Juba Town is Gonna be #happyindependenceday See you again Tonight.”
All she received were congratulatory messages from her fans, but some were clearly unimpressed, saying the stash of South Sudanese Pounds only totalled UGX 250,000.

This comes weeks after singer Vinka’s visit there saw her kick a fan for attempting to disrespect her.
However, in 2019, as one of the Ugandan artistes that are darlings in South Sudan, after a performance, Vinka did the same with her gate collection.

It compelled events promoter Balaam to alert the population that all that money had no value. A full bed could be only about UGX250,000. He explained that he knows so because he once oorganizeda concert there and returned with a truck full of bank notes only to realize in Kampala that it had no value. 

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