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Kabako planning to abandon Busaabala land over wrangles

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By Ahmad Muto
In June, Singer Kabako stunned the people of Busabala with his wife Jazira Namuddu when they stormed an area where he bought land claiming it was being grabbed from him. He blamed the area LC 1, chairman Ntuuyo of plotting to take his land. He argued at the time he was helped by his manager, Jeff Kiwa of Team No Sleep. The scuffle ended with Kabako getting detained at Kibiri Police Station.
Two weeks ago, he started construction on the land months after they destroyed the fence he had put up to protect it. He was building a shop, planning to turn it into his business address in the area.
However, the building was destroyed over the weekend with sections of the wall pulled down while holes were poked into the rest. Now he has said he is exhausted with the wrangles over the said piece of land and as a young man with the potential of getting more, he is planning to let go of it. Kabako says he has been camping there at night to protect it against getting attacked, adding that he has several police references and therefore exhausted all avenues.

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