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By Hussein Kiganda

Singer Jamie Culture real name Jamie Kasujja has opened up to a vlogger about his recent bout of depression. He expressed disappointment that his fellow musicians were not there for him during that time other than Eddy Kenzo. He revealed that he was not ‘mad’ as people had interpreted it.

At Eddy Kenzo’s recent event, where he was unveiling new members to his Big Talent record label, Jamie Culture appreciated the Weekend singer.

“Thanks, Eddy, for having being there for me at a time when no one was. You understood me and took the efforts to help me,” he said.

Jamie Culture also opened up on what the rehabilitation centre, where he was taken, told him.

“I was told that I had a brain overlap which means that I used my  brain so much  that I never had enough rest time,” he revealed.

The Sabasaliza and Nambi singer was told that he needed to rest.

He urged the public to always listen first before judging people and drawing conclusions.

Eddy Kenzo


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