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By Ahmad Muto

According to socialite Bad Black, Kim Swagga, who happens to be one of her baby daddies, was a huge mistake that she is no longer comfortable discussing. That the city fashionista is such a deadbeat who does not care if his child exists.

She noted that Jesse’s (her youngest born in 2019) father supports her and Jonah’s gives her some money, but for Swagga, she does not know his whereabouts.

“My baby daddies do not help me. They are all useless. If this is what God has given me, then so be it. I can handle my children. Jesse’s father gives me some while Jonah’s gives me some $800. Kim Swagga, I do not know if he is still there. He is a huge loss. I do not even want to talk about him,” she fumed.

She also added that she has a feeling, Kim Swagga is doubting their child’s paternity, the reason he is distant and unbothered.

The year was 2016 when Bad Black made it public that Kim Swagga is the father of her daughter Davina who was about three years old then. This took her followers by surprise because the two were never seen together. She is a mother of three; one of them, Rowland Greehalgh born in 2011 is her former British lover David Greenhalgh’s son.

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