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Kin Kariisa speaks out on Canary/Isabella relationship

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By Emmanuel Ssejjengo

Last month, social media was abuzz with talk about the kind of relationship NBS TV’s Canary Mugume and his co-worker, Isabella Tugume, have. The two had been doing several TikTok challenges together, which made them trend.

Considering that Canary and his longtime lover, now wife, Sasha Ferguson (Fiona Nagirinya), were in their final wedding preparations, social media in-laws were quick to castigate Canary. Some went ahead and blamed Isabella for “forcing herself” on the soon-to-be groom.


However, while speaking at Canary’s wedding reception at Speke Resort Munyonyo over the weekend, his boss Kin Kariisa assured Sasha that she was ‘safe’.

“When you see Canary and Isabella twining and doing all these things that you see on TikTok and Facebook, do not worry because this is only work-related. It’s only for the show. They are under command. It’s a key performance factor and they have to do it with love and passion. When I noticed that some people on social media had started getting this whole thing wrong, I called Canary and told him that you need to sit down with your wife, have a cup of tea and align these things,” he said.

The Next Media Services CEO lauded Canary as an exemplary employee and advised him to continue loving his work, as well as his  family.

While paying tribute to Canary’s mother, Kariisa said: “Mama, you raised Canary well. He is loyal, he has speed, and he tries to be good. He is just 26, but he does things of those aged 36. Many of his agemates are running around and wasting time. I am proud of you and you know I love you, Canary.”



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